A Year in Review: From New York to London and Back


Hello! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

I apologize for having been a bit MIA this past year. I've been following my dreams and heart from New York to London and back (and a bit of Paris in between). From writing songs to studying abroad, I've been pursuing my degree while getting a taste of not only living on my own, but living creatively for myself. 

Let's start from the beginning...

Summer of 2016 I packed my bags and decided to move to London. Passport in hand, I was ready for a time of new adventures and self-exploration. It was that summer I fell in love with the city of London and all it has to offer. 

I spent my days songwriting with talented London songwriters and my nights under the city's glimmering lights listening to music at venues such as Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club. Truly the happiest girl in the world, I felt at home in this wonderful place known as London. 

London opened my eyes to a world outside of New York. I discovered my newfound love for travel, for meeting new people, and for being on my own, finding my own way in this crazy beautiful life. 

12 weeks of pure magic, I just couldn't get enough. When my summer came to an end, I knew I had to find a way back. 

A magical night in Paris. 

A magical night in Paris. 

Fast-forward to 2017, after completing a semester of college in New York, I returned to London to study abroad at King's College London. 

At King's College London, I took four modules: Contemporary Global Novels; The Film Of the Play; Lyric and The Inner Life: Poetry And Selfhood In The Romantic Era; and Management for the Digital Domain I. I chose these modules to not only compliment my love for writing, but to also explore my major from a managerial perspective. That said, I'm currently majoring in Communication with a concentration in Advertising. My studies at King's College London not only  allowed me to delve deeper into what it means to be an entrepreneurial singer/songwriter, but also gave me a global perspective while enhancing my entrepreneurial skills. 

When I think about my study abroad experience, I think about an international experience that introduced me to different cultures, people, and opportunities. I enjoyed my time at King's College London, being part of the diverse student body, and acquiring academic experiences unlike I've ever experienced before.

What I love about London is the fact anywhere I go, every corner I turn, there is always something new to discover. Whether it be learning about a topic from a different perspective in one of my modules or making a friend from a foreign country, I feel my understanding of the world I live in has already begun to be wonderfully broadened. At King's College London, I explored my major in a way I haven't before, as well as immersed myself in an international community unknown to me. While it seemed intimidating at times to study and live in another country all by myself, I wouldn't have changed this experience for the world. 

All smiles in front of Buckingham Palace.

All smiles in front of Buckingham Palace.

This year I'm back home in New York continuing to complete my degree. While my days may be filled with writing papers and studying for exams, I haven't forgotten about songwriting. More than anything, my college, Manhattan College, has played a tremendous role in shaping me to be the person I am today. Today, I not only consider myself to be a singer/songwriter, but also a young businesswoman in the making, ready to go out into the world and take charge of her dreams.

In an Empire State of mind. 

In an Empire State of mind. 

I'm thrilled to be on this journey and look forward to my next destination.  

I'd like to leave you with my cover of Mariah Carey's "Hero," written by Mariah Carey and Walter Afanaseiff. 

Until next time,