Carnegie Hall and a Saturday Night Live (SNL) Adventure

Lead Belly Fest @ Carnegie Hall in New York, NY.

Happy February!

What a busy and exciting past month/few weeks it has been! From Lead Belly Fest rehearsals, to finally performing at Carnegie Hall on Thursday, Feb. 4th, and to spontaneously meeting a few members of the SNL cast this past weekend, I am feeling truly blessed and am looking forward to what the rest of this year has in store! 

Performing at Carnegie Hall was indescribable. Truly an experience unlike any other. I performed "Take This Hammer", backed by my guitarist, Ray DeTone, accompanied by a video of the children from the Association to Benefit Children singing along on the choruses. Such a surreal, moving moment it was! I cannot thank the producers of Lead Belly Fest enough for giving me the opportunity to be part of a concert honoring the legacy of the one and only Huddie Ledbetter, known as Leadbelly. To perform in such a world-renowned venue alongside Buddy Guy, Eric Burdon, Edgar Winter, Marky Ramone, and all of the other ridiculously talented acts on the lineup, was absolutely inspiring. I admire the talent of each and every one of them and am so glad we were all able to come together to honor a man who has had such an astounding influence on the craft of music. 

Flash forward a few days later... my friend, Nicole, and I spontaneously meet another group of talented individuals, aka members of the SNL cast! Crazy, right!? It's a show I one day hope to be able to perform on and share my music with, and it was really nice to meet the hilariously funny  Bobby Moynihan (see picture below), Kyle Mooney, Vanessa Bayer, and Jay Pharoah. Who would've known my Saturday night would turn into a Saturday with Saturday Night Live!? (!!!) 

With my friend, Nicole (left), and Bobby Moynihan (right) from the SNL cast, outside 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Next month, on Thursday, March 24th, I am returning to Cafe Wha? in the East Village. I am particularly excited about this show because I will be debuting new material that I have been writing over the past couple of months. I'll be debuting 3 new tunes - just testing them out with the band to see how they work out on stage. By doing this, I'll be able to see what material I want to put on my forthcoming EP that I hope to start recording very soon. More information on my Cafe Wha? show can be found here:

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Until next time...

xx Ali 

It's the beginning of a wonderful new year...

Happy New Year!

I hope you love my new website because I am so excited to start sharing even more with you all! There are many exciting things to look forward to in this new year. On February 4th, I will be performing at Carnegie Hall as part of Lead Belly Fest. The lineup includes Buddy Guy, Eric Burdon, Edgar Winter, Tom Paley, Walter Trout, Dana Fuchs, and others. I am so beyond grateful for this opportunity and I hope to see some of you at the show! 

This past November, I traveled to the UK to work on a very exciting project with a couple writers and producers. I am currently writing songs for a debut pop EP that will be released this year. It's long overdue and I know many of you have been waiting patiently for new music, but I promise you it's time well spent and worth the wait. Over the past few years, between touring and performing, I have been experimenting with different styles and genres, on a constant search for Ali Isabella's next move. Little did I know, however, what I was searching for was right in front of me the whole time; my roots! I have finally found myself in the music that I grew up listening to - Madonna, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, and early Britney Spears (albums: 1999, 2000, 2001) and Mariah Carey. It's essentially a style that combines 80s influences with a hint of R&B and pop sounds similar to that of early Britney. The songs I've been writing are centered on the struggles associated with leaving teen years behind and entering young adulthood. My goal with this EP is to create an overall sound where each and every one of you are able to fully feel every emotion, tug-and-pull heartache and high. After all, music should be about evoking emotion and making you truly feel something. What purpose does it serve if it doesn't? 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates. I'll be posting some more announcements later this month.

Until then, have a wonderful start to your 2016!